Football in the Digital Age

Edited by: Sean Hamil, Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton and Steven Warby


  • Foreword
    Johan Cruyff
    Preface and acknowledgements
  1. Whose game is it anyway?
    Sean Hamil, Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton and Steven Warby

Part I Another Fine Mess

  1. Football finances: too much money?
    Gerry Boon
  2. Reforming football’s boardrooms
    Tom Cannon and Sean Hamil
  3. The players’ perspective
    Gordon Taylor
  4. Why football needs a regulator
    Rogan Taylor

Part II Implications of the BSkyB/Manchester United case

  1. The attempted takeover of Manchester United by BSkyB
    Peter Crowther
  2. The MMC’s inquiry into BSkyB’s merger with Manchester United plc
    Nicholas Finney
  3. Sneaking in through the back door? Media company interests and dual ownership of clubs
    Adam Brown

Part III The new commercialism and PLCs

  1. The changing face of football: a case for national regulation?
    John Williams
  2. Tomorrow’s football club: an inclusive approach to governance
    Mark Goyder
  3. Football, fans and fat cats: whose football club is it anyway?
    Kevin Jaquiss

Part IV International Developments

  1. International developments and European clubs
    Andy Walsh
  2. Sport and the law: the influence of European Union competition policy on the traditional league structures of European football
    Alasdair Bell
  3. Commercialisation and fan participation in Germany
    Stuart Dykes
  4. The struggle for democracy at FC Barcelona and the case for a European independent regulator of professional football
    L’Elefant Blau 

Part V Financing and accounting for clubs

  1. The financial performance of football stocks
    Nigel Hawkins
  2. Playing in a different league
    Tony Dart
  3. Football club balance-sheets: fact or fantasy?
    Lee Manning
  4. Business management issues
    Robert Matusiewicz
  5. Achieving best practice
    Stephen Morrow

Part VI the Restrictive Practices Court case and league balance

  1. The Restrictive Practices Court case, broadcasting revenues and league balance
    Peter Sloane
  2. Football rights and competition in broadcasting
    Martin Cave
  3. Hearts, minds and the Restrictive Practices Court case
    Stefan Szymanski
  4. The Restrictive Practices Court case: implications for the Football League
    Richard Scudamore

Part VII Nurturing the grass-roots: local clubs and community involvement

  1. Partners for progress
    Tom Pendry MP
  2. Kick Racism out of Football
    Piara Power
  3. The future of football: safe in whose hands?
    Tony Clarke MP
  4. The Football Task Force and the grass-roots
    Chris Heinitz 

Part VIII The Football Task Force

  1. The Task Force and the future regulation of football
    Andy Burnham
  2. Facing football’s future: the Task Force and beyond
    Nic Coward
  3. The Football Task Force: a Premier League view
    Mike Lee
  4. The Football Task Force and the ‘regulator debate’
    Adam Brown

Part IX Do we need an OFFOOT?

  1. Why football needs an independent regulator
    Gerry Sutcliffe MP
  2. Uniting the fans
    Alison Pilling
  3. Self-regulation or regulation?
    Brian Lomax


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