Academic Journal Articles

All the staff of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre publish regularly in peer-reviewed academic journals (full details are provided on the individual staff pages).  The following are an indicative summary of recently published material:

  • Walters, G and Hamil, S (forthcoming) The contests for power and influence over the regulatory space in the English professional football industry, 1980 – 2012, Business History
  • Walters, G and Anagnostopoulos, C (2012) Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility through Social Partnerships, Business Ethics: A European Review, 21(4): 417-433
  • Bingham, T and Walters, G (2012) Financial sustainability within UK charities: community sport trusts and corporate social responsibility partnerships, Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, published online, March 2012
  • Nichols, G., Tacon, R. and Muir, A. (2012) Sports clubs’ volunteers: Bonding in or bridging out? Sociology, published online before print, 16 May
  • Walters, G (2011) Bidding for international sport events: how government supports and undermines national governing bodies of sport, Sport in Society, 14 (2): 208-222
  • Walters, G (2011) The implementation of a stakeholder management strategy during stadium relocation: a case study of Arsenal football club’s move to the Emirates Stadium, Managing Leisure, 16 (1): 49-64
  • Walters, G and Tacon, R (2010) Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport: Stakeholder Management in the UK Football Industry, Journal of Management and Organization, Volume 16 (4) September 2010, 566-586
  • Hamil, S and Walters, G (2010) Financial Performance in English Professional Football: “An Inconvenient Truth”, Soccer & Society, 11 (4): 354-372
  • Hamil, S and Walters, G (2010) The Model of Governance at FC Barcelona: Balancing Member Democracy, Commercial Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sporting Performance, Soccer & Society, 11(4): 475-504
  • Walters, G (2009) Corporate Social Responsibility through Sport: The Community Sports Trust Model as a CSR Delivery Agency, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 35, 81-94
  • Chadwick, S and Walters, G (2009) Sportswear Identification, Distinctive Design and Manufacturer Logos – Issues from the Front Line, The Marketing Review, 9(1): 63-78
  • Walters, G and Chadwick, S (2009) Corporate Citizenship in Football: Delivering Strategic Benefits through Stakeholder Engagement, Management Decision, 47(1): 51-66
  • Tacon, R. (2007) Football and social inclusion: Evaluating social policy, Managing Leisure, 12 (1): 1-23
  • Hamil, S., M. Holt, J. Michie, C. Oughton, L. Shailer and K. Wright (2004).`The Corporate Governance of Professional Football Clubs’, Corporate Governance: The international journal of effective board performance 4(2): 44-51
  • Hamil, S., J. Michie, C. Oughton and L. Shailer (2002) `The State of the Game’, New Academy Review 1(1): 79-92
  • Hamil, S., J. Michie, C. Oughton and S. Warby (2000) ‘Recent Developments in Football Ownership’, Soccer and Society 1(3): 1-10
  • Carr, P., J. Findlay, S. Hamil, J. Hill and S. Morrow (2000) ‘The Celtic Trust’, Soccer and Society 1(3): 70-87