UEFA MIP – Application Process for Programme 2nd Edition Opens

Following from the very successful collaboration with the Centre for Law & Economy of Sport (CDES) at the University of Limoges, and UEFA (the governing body of European football) through Birkbeck’s involvement in the Master in European Sport Governance (MESGO) programme, Birkbeck is extending this successful collaboration as a partner in The UEFA MIP (UEFA Executive Master for International Players) which will launch in November 2015.

The UEFA MIP has been initiated by UEFA as a mechanism to equip international players with the tools for a future in the administrative management of football. The educational programme will give top players the opportunity to transfer their skills from the field into decision-making and leadership roles off it, to ensure that their knowledge and understanding of the game can benefit the football family into the future.

The UEFA MIP has also been developed with the support of FIFPro (the world players’ union for professional footballers) and the ECA (the European Club Association).

For full details of the programme see: the UEFA MIP website, or the UEFA MIP brochure.


The UEFA MIP is designed for former international athletes (primarily football players but not exclusively), from all countries, who have played at the highest level, with the aim of giving them tools for match-winning performances in football administration and management as part of a second career.

This programme is aimed at helping these former elite athletes to make the transition from top players to top leaders.

The UEFA MIP is designed to meet not only the specific needs of these athletes who have played at the highest level but also the needs of sports organisations.

Former professional athletes who have played international matches have a lot to offer in the sports sector. Some of the skills acquired as a high-level athlete are directly transferable to the role of a top manager working for a company or an organisation (leadership, commitment, team spirit, etc.). The sports sector has therefore a clear interest in offering them the opportunity to start a second elite career.

The UEFA MIP is aimed at providing the tools to transfer and complement these sporting skills, thanks to innovative and tailor-made learning methods, in order to help former top players become top leaders!


The UEFA MIP programme comprises 7 week-long sessions over a period of 20 months (from November 2015 to June2017 for the first edition) and is compatible with a professional schedule. The sessions are held in major European cities (Nyon, Paris, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Madrid), while the final session takes place in New York (USA).

Each course is designed for about 20 participants who are expected to participate actively to the 7 sessions of the training programme, to get involved in the various practical exercises that are tailor-made for them, and to write a report to be defended orally at the end of the programme.

The level of expectations corresponds to a master’s degree but the assessment process and teaching methods have been tailored according to the participants’ specific backgrounds as former internationals that have played at the highest level.


If you would like to find out more about the programme please contact Sean Hamil directly on:

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