Birkbeck’s Sean Hamil guest speaker in Istanbul

Sean Hamil, Co-Director of Birkbeck Sport Business Centre, was a guest speaker in a panel discussion organised by the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD). Sean contributed to the debate by presenting some insights as to the lessons Turkish football might learn from the economic expeerience of English football, and also made the case for why implementation of the UEFA Financial Fair Play concept should result in a more sustainable business model for football clubs across Europe.

The panel discussion was hosted by, and in collaboration with, Kadir Has University of Istanbul, Turkey.

Entitled “Football as an industry”, the panel discussion dealt with the issues of corporate governance deficiencies at Turkish football clubs and the UEFA Licensing criteria. “In order to prevent the football sector from shrinking, football clubs need to comply with UEFA’s financial criteria,” said Chaiman of the Football Industry Working Group and TKYD Board Member, Dorukhan Acar, who was a speaker at the panel.

Another speaker was Dr Levent Bıcakçı, former chairman of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) who stated that: “football as an industry must evolve and adopt conventional management standards built on the basis of sustainable principles such as: fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility”.

‘Football as an Industry’ panel at the Kadir Has University, Istanbul. From left: Levent Bıcakçı, Tolga Senel, Sean Hamil and Dorukhan Acar.

Founded in 2003, Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) is a non-profit organization aiming to develop and promote adherence to corporate governance standards and guidelines in Turkey.

The TKYD has taken the initiative to support establishing the standards of corporate governance in Turkish football. TKYD’s focus is to ensure good governance principles in the Turkish business community and the Turkish football industry.

In order to support and guide football club directors at all competitive levels a set of guidelines has been prepared and was launched in Istanbul in January 2010, and in London in June 2010 hosted by the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre.

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