Organisational Culture in Sport – ICSA Workshop

There has been increasing emphasis on organisational culture within sport, due in part to some high profile examples of poor behaviour that have hit the headlines in recent years. This has led to increased questions over the role of the board in providing both oversight and support, and in how they seek to set the ‘tone from the top’. With this in mind, ICSA (the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) held a workshop on 11th May focused on organisational culture in sport which coincided with the release of their latest report. Dr Geoff Walters and Dr Richard Tacon presented on the issue of board culture and drew on their recent research with Moore Stephens (The State of Sports Governance) and their own case study research looking at board-level processes. Their workshop acknowledged the challenges facing boards in influencing organisational culture, identified some practical ways that boards can seek to build an effective board culture, as well as discussing some of the methodological difficulties in trying to understand (and measure) board culture. Also presenting at the workshop were Lynsey Tweddle, Head of Corporate Governance at Sport England; Michele Verroken, Founding Director of Sporting Integrity; Rowland Jack, Founder of I Trust Sport; and Radojka Miljevic, Partner at Campbell Tickell.

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