Sean Hamil Discusses Football Club Ownership Structures at the University of Istanbul

On the 29th April 2013 Birkbeck Sport Business Centre’s Sean Hamil was the University of Istanbul’s guest at a conference at which the key theme was a discussion of the efficiency of different ownership models of football clubs – from member association-owned, to stock market listed companies, to privately owned companies. There is currently a debate taking place in Turkey as to the most appropriate ownership model for the country’s sport’s clubs.

The conference was organized by ‘New Horizons in Football ‘, an independent “think tank”,under the auspices of the University of Istanbul. New Horizons in Football has as its central aim to bring together key stakeholders in Turkish sport to debate new perspectives on the business of football in Turkey and to stimulate fresh thinking in what is the seventh biggest domestic broadcasting market for football in Europe, and one of the few economies in the world to still be enjoying robust economic growth.

Other members of the conference speaker panel were Professor. Dr. Mehmet Helvacı, Professor of Law at the University of Istanbul; Özgür Yalta, from Deloitte Turkey; and the panel chair Ebru Köksal, Advisor to the President of the Galatasaray football club and a former board member of the European Club Association (ECA). 

Sean Hamil’s presentation, which  opened the conference, provided an overview of the ownership structures of football clubs across Europe.

Download a copy of the presentation here

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