Sharing expertise through the Erasmus programme

As part of the European Union Erasmus Staff Mobility (EUESM) programme, the aim of which is to promote teaching and academic mobility across Europe, Dr Geoff Walters was involved in an exchange with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, one of the leading universities in Spain. The academic link in Madrid is Dr Juan Luis Paramio Salcines, a senior lecturer in sport management, and co-editor with Geoff on the forthcoming Routledge Handbook for Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport.

During the visit in March 2013 Geoff presented at an event that focused on the legacy of major sporting events. His presentation gave an overview of the many different types of legacy associated with sport events, and using a four-stage model, focused on the different phases involved in the planning and managing legacy. The model was then applied to the case of the London 2012 Olympics to emphasise the way the legacy has been governed and managed. Also presenting at the event was Oscar del Ama, the director of the World Handball Championships in 2013 that was hosted and won by Spain, and Javier Martinez Grande, who spoke about technological innovation in major events.  

This Erasmus exchange was one of a number that the academic members of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre are involved in, with the aim to build international links with sport business research groups in universities across Europe.

Oscar del Ama, Javier Martinez Grande, Dr Juan Luis Paramio Salcines and Dr Geoff Walters in Madrid at the sport event legacies conference

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