Dr Giambattista Rossi Makes the Case to the Guardian Newspaper for More Effective Regulation of Football Player Agents

Birkbeck Sport Business Centre’s Dr Giambattista Rossi was one of a number of expert figures – agents, lawyers, and academics – interviewed as part of an investigation by The Guardian (9th October 2016) newspaper into corruption in the football player transfer market – see: Jackson, J. (9th October 2016). “Football insiders claim world football is `endemically corrupt’ in player transfers”. The Guardian.

The investigation focused on the abusive role often played by player agents in the transfer market. Drawing on research in his recently published, co-authored, book Sport Agents and Labour Markets: Evidence from World Football, Dr Rossi strongly made the case that there needs to be a much more robust system of player agent regulation in European football, following the devolving of responsibility for regulating player agents by FIFA to its member national associations in 2015.

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