Blogger Ian King discusses the finalncial state of English club football at Birkbeck

Clubs in Crisis: Is there a Financial Crisis in English Football?

A seminar as part of the Business of Sport Seminar Series –
Given by: Ian King,

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Birkbeck College, London

In this presentation Ian Kings examines the issue of bankruptcy in modern football. Firstly he will explain why the financial administration process, which applies once clubs have collapsed into bankruptcy, matters in football – creditors don’t get paid, the related financial crises de-stabilise competitions, financial administration following bankruptcy at football clubs is a regular feature of the football industry. Secondly, he will explain what is involved in the financial administration process. He will then examine a number of recent case studies of financial administration in English football outlining their consequences. Thirdly, he will examine the impact of the Football League’s Financial Fair Play initiative, which in large part is intended to promote more stable finances amongst the member clubs.

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