Birkbeck Voices Podcast: The Birkbeck Sport Business Centre’s Mark Panton Discusses His Research Into The Use Of Sport Stadiums In Urban Regeneration

Mark Panton is a PhD student in Birkbeck’s Management Department. The title of his thesis is:

  • The use of sports stadiums in urban regeneration: a stakeholder’s perspective.

In an interview for the Birkbeck Voices podcast series Mark discusses the key issues that he addresses in his research.

The use of sports stadiums in regeneration projects is a fairly recent phenomenon in the UK, with the breadth of literature in this field relatively limited.  However, it is an area of growing interest with numerous sport stadium regeneration projects being proposed.  This research concerns sports stadiums being used as central parts of urban regeneration strategies in East Manchester, involving Manchester City FC, and in Haringey, London, involving Tottenham Hotspur FC. The aims of the research are to provide an understanding of which attributes are important in gaining influence for stakeholders; to identify any strategies that are used to this effect and to produce a detailed narrative of the ways in which stakeholders have sought to influence the developments at the two sites.

Mark contributed to the 2015 London Assembly Stadium Regeneration Report:

  • London Assembly Regeneration Committee (March 2015). “The Regeneration Game: Stadium-led regeneration”. London Assembly. (1) Report – 49 pages; (2) Written Evidence – 198 pages.


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