Birkbeck Sport Business Centre member Mark Panton contributes to The Regeneration Game: a report from the London Assembly  

In March 2015 the Regeneration Committee of the London Assembly published The Regeneration Game, a report looking at the issue of stadium-led regeneration. The report outlines a series of recommendations and a proposal for a Charter for effective stadium-led regeneration and draws on a range of submissions to the Committee made by groups and individuals in the summer of 2014.

Mark Panton, a PhD student and member of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre, worked on submissions for the Our Tottenham network, the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust, as well as submitting a personal submission (London Assembly, March 2015, Written Evidence, pages 171-190) based on his PhD research on the use of sport stadiums in urban regeneration projects.  This topic is quite a recent phenomenon in the UK, with the breadth of literature in this field relatively limited.  However, it is an area of growing interest with numerous sports stadium regeneration projects that have now been completed, are in progress or proposed. Mark has a particular interest in trying to understand how different stakeholders influence stadium-led regeneration projects and is researching the issues through a comparative case study involving stadium developments in the communities of East Manchester and Tottenham.

The London Assembly report references a number of submissions from Mark while the charter for effective stadium-led regeneration reflects a number of the early findings from Mark’s research, including the need for meaningful consultation and participation of all stakeholders, not just those seen as the most powerful, for the successful integration of stadium-led regeneration schemes.

Copies of the report are available for download


London Assembly Regeneration Committee (March 2015). “The Regeneration Game: Stadium-led regeneration”. London Assembly. (1) Report – 49 pages; (2) Written Evidence – 198 pages.


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