Birkbeck Sport Business Centre Host 2016 OptaPro Analytics Forum (February 2016)

The Birkbeck Sport Business Centre (BSBC) hosted the OptaPro Analytics Forum on the 10th February 2016 at Senate House, University of London, as part of the Centre’s mission to provide a forum for informed debate on emerging areas of best practice in sport management, of which the field of player performance analytics is one. The OptaPro Analytics Forum is the UK’s leading conference dedicated to debating emerging techniques in sport player performance analytics.

Birkbeck’s Dr Giambattista Rossi, a leading academic expert on the functioning of football player labour markets, formally represented the BSBC as the host.

Nick Eisen, Business Engagement Reporter for the Birkbeck School of Business, Economics and Informatics, reviewed the presentations and debate at the conference.

A comprehensive review of the 2016 OptaPro Analytics Forum can be found on OptaPro’s website.



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