Better Boards, Stronger Sport

In May 2013, the final group meeting of the Better Boards, Stronger Sport project took place in Helsinki. The 18-month project, funded by the EU commission as part of the funding for Preparatory Action in the field of sport, has been led by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, with European partners including the Estonian Olympic Committee, the Finnish Sports Federation, Just Sport Ireland, the Polish Ministery of Sport and Tourism, European Athletes as Student, and European Women in Sport.  Dr. Geoff Walters and Richard Tacon from the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre have been involved in providing research support for the project.

The objective of the project is to raise awareness of the key features of good governance in sport across Europe. The members of the project team have consulted the sports movement in each of their respective countries and these consultations have fed into the development of ten key features of governance. A series of case studies from sport organisations across Europe have been produced that demonstrate the ways in which these features have been  implemented. The final output from the project will be a toolkit that includes the key features of governance for sports boards, the case study examples with action points outlining how to implement the features, and additional tools to help sports organisations achieve the key features.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance has led this project over the past 18 months. For further information please go to

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