Andy Harvey discusses match-fixing problem with Birkbeck Voices and Sky News

Birkbeck Sport Business Centre’s Dr Andy Harvey shares his view on the highly worrying match-fixing phenomenon.

Talking to the Birkbeck Voices podcast, Andy is commentating on the on-going investigation of over 600 football matches, being carried out by the Europol. He states that match-fixing is decidedly not a new phenomenon as “it has been around ever since sport and betting have been around, with cases stretching back to the late 19th century.”

Listen now to – Birkbeck Voices Podcast: Match-fixing in football

Andy shares UEFA’s President Michel Platini’s view that match-fixing is currently the biggest problem football is facing today while explaining few of the possible causes to an occurrence who seriously diminishes the integrity of football and sport.

Andy is now carrying out a research into match-fixing in football, ‘Dont Fix It!’, a research as part of the European Commission strategy to promote integrity in sport with the objective to prevent and educate players around the dangers of match-fixing.

For more details on Andy’s research into match-fixing and ‘Dont Fix It!’ project, Click here.



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