“Top Soccer Leagues Get 25% Rise in TV Rights Sales, Report Says”

Sean Hamil, Director of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre was interviewed for the news and media portal Bloomberg. The article discussed recent media sector developments relating to football and in particular the soaring revenues of football clubs and leagues derived from TV rights. This is in light of recent increase in the media rights value for the German Bundesliga, who saw a 54 percent rise in its domestic contract. Similarly, the Premier League rights’ value increased by 63 percent specifically due to the entrance of the BT telecommunications group to the sports broadcasting rights market, alongside the veteran BSkyB.

Discussing the pros and cons of collective selling of the rights, Mr Hamil suggested that the individual selling of TV rights offers rewards only for some clubs: “If you’re one of the most-popular clubs and you’re able to sell your own broadcasting rights you’ll have higher turnover.” According to Mr Hamil, collectively selling by the league organiser has more benefits, mainly related to the the manner in which it should enhance the level of competitive balance in the league: “More equitable distribution means that one club can beat another on any given day.”

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