Evidence-based Management of Voluntary Sports Clubs: An Exploration of the German Experience

A seminar as part of the Sport Business Centre Seminar Series

Given by: Christoph Breuer, Full Professor, Institute of Sport Economics and Sport Management, German Sport University Cologne.

Room  MAL 532
The Main Malet Street Building
Torrington Square
Birkbeck College, University of London
London WC1E 7HX
Monday 10th June 2013 at 2pm

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This event will operate under “Chatham House Rules” – no external reporting without the permission of the speakers


Voluntary sports clubs, organized and managed by volunteers, differ from for-profit sport organisations in many ways. Notably, voluntary sports’ clubs have historically been able to rely on a pool of volunteer labour, and support from various governmental organisations, to support their activities, notably in promoting sport participation. However, their distinctive organizational structure needs to be taken into account when designing effective management structures and styles for voluntary sport organisations.

In this presentation Professor Breur explains, by means of empirical analyses of voluntary sports clubs in Germany, some of their specific effective management structures and styles.


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Prof. Christoph Breuer is Full Professor of Sport Management at German Sport University Cologne. Simultaneously he was Research Professor at German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin), one of the biggest think tanks for economical issues in Germany, for six years.  Dr. Breuer publishes widely in journals such as Applied Economics, Journal of Sport Economics, Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Finance, Sport Management Review and European Sport Management Quarterly.

In basic and applied research he works amongst others for big companies (e.g.  German Railways – DB, Postbank, Toyota Germany, Deutsche Post), public authorities (e.g. European Commission, Federal Ministry of Finance), consultancies (e.g. Deloitte, Ernst & Young), sport confederations and federations (e.g. European Olympic Committee – EOC,  German Olympic Sports Confederation – DOSB, German Football Association – DFB, German Equestrian Federation – FN) as well as foundations (Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe).

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