The New Wembley Stadium: A State of the Art Sporting Venue for the 21st Century

The New Wembley Stadium: A State of the Art Sporting Venue for the 21st Century

Room 1.02 – Malet Place Engineering Building,
London WC1E 6BT

Tuesday 5th December 2006 at 6pm

Given by:

Jonathan Gregory, Marketing & Commercial Director of Wembley National Stadium


From its very first event, the famous ‘white horse cup final’ of 1923, when so many people attended that the crowd spilled out right up to the sidelines and had to be marshaled by a policeman on a white horse, the old stadium at Wembley in North West London took on iconic status for sports fans worldwide. Over the years, the stadium was regularly updated and improved, however its structure remained essentially the same as it was in 1923 and so it struggled to meet the developing needs of sports fans until it was finally closed in 2000. However, out of the foundations of the old Wembley a new state-of-the art 90,000 seater stadium is emerging which on completion many confidently predict will be the finest sports stadium currently in existence anywhere in the world that will soon acquire an equally iconic status of its own.

In this seminar Jonathan Gregory, Marketing & Commercial Director of Wembley National Stadium Limited, a subsidiary of The Football Association, will outline the history of the new 21 st century Wembley project, and present its vision for the future. In particular he will focus on the extraordinary challenges presented in developing a stadium of this size and complexity with the ambition to meet the aspirations of sports spectators to an extent never before achieved at any sporting venue.


Jonathan Gregory is the Marketing & Commercial Director of Wembley National Stadium Limited. He is responsible for the marketing, sponsorship, commercial and public relations aspects of the stadium project, plus the sales of the Club Wembley 10 year seat licences and boxes. He was previously Head of Marketing at Puma, the leading international sportswear company; and before that Sponsorship Manager at Pepsico/Walkers, the company which is became well-known to football fans for its TV adverts featuring Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoign e and the Walkers Stadium.


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