The Labour Market for Football Players in a Single European Market

The Labour Market for Football Players in a Single European Market

A seminar at the Clore Management Centre,
Room G04

6 – 9pm, Monday 31st March 2003

Given by:

Trevor Watkins, Sports Lawyer, Clarke-Willmott


The last decade has seen significant change in the business of football. Critically, long regarded as commodities to be bought and sold players have seen their power and influence grow as the Bosman ruling confirmed that labour law applied to football as much as to other business. Now, with the introduction of a new transfer system, the threat of further challenge from European Union (EU) intervention, and crippling debts affecting most professional clubs, Trevor Watkins considers the practical and legal framework under which the market for players operates within the European Community, and assesses the prospects for future radical change in the regulation of players’ employment contract status.

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The seminar is free. For further details contact: Sean Hamil Football Governance Research Centre E.mail: Tel: 020-7631 6763.

Copies of the handout notes will be available on request, contact for details

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