The Italian Sport System: A General Framework

The Italian Sport System: a General Framework

Room 103, 28, Russell Square

Birkbeck College, University of London
London WC1E 7HX

Thursday 3rd May, 2012, at 6pm

Given by:  Cristiana Buscarini, Associate Professor of Strategy, Department of Health Sciences, University of Rome “Foro Italico”; and Dr Daniela Fruci,  University of Rome “Foro Italico”


This presentation provides an overview of the operation of the Italian sport system.

In the Italian sport system the government does not directly intervene in the organization of sport. Instead, the over-arching organisational role is played by an intermediary body, the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI). CONI is an entity with a legal personality under public law and has its headquarters in Rome. It is directly influenced by the Italian governmental Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which has delegated responsibility for sport policy to an undersecretary of the Prime Minister. The financing of sport is guaranteed by the state through the Ministry of Economy and Finance. CONI, in turn, provides the bulk of the fees assigned to the functioning of sports organizations. Last year saw a significant decline in state funding for sport from Euros 450m to Euros 335m due to the global economic crisis.

In the second part of the lecture a specific element of the Italian sport system will be examined; the findings of research into the new collective bargaining agreement for professional football players in Italy and the effects on the labour costs will be presented. The presentation will examine the implications for collective bargaining in Italian football in the context of the introduction of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play initiative.


  • Buscarini C (2008), Le organizzazioni del settore dello sport: un quadro generale d’analisi e una possibile classificazione economico-aziendale, Rirea


Professor Cristiana Buscarini

Cristiana Buscarini is a specialist on the Italian sport system and on business ethics. In particular, she studies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as it is  applied in sport organizations. She is currently Associate Professor at the  Department of Health Sciences at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. She  has published on a range of topics, including ‘A proposal of a Guideline for  the editing of a Social Report for Italian National Sport Federations’, ‘The  framework of the Italian Sport System’ and ‘ISO26000 for a sustainable path  inside the firm”.  Cristiana is involved in GBS (National Association for  research of Social Report) and in SIMS (Italian Society of Sport Management).

Dr Daniela Fruci

Dr. Daniela Fruci gained her PhD in Labour Studies investigating the  contribution of professional training to employee performance and  development professionalism. Her thesis focused on professional training as a  critical issue when dealing with contractual obligations. She studied for her  undergraduate degree in Economics at University “La Sapienza” in Rome,  then she specialized with a Master in Labour Relations and the Social Security  System. With regard to her professional interests, these lie in the fields of  human resources management and performance, as well as labor market  flexibility.  She qualified as a “Labour Consultant” skilled in the fields of social  security, contribution and salary. She is guest lecturer on labor issues in s ports and sponsorship contracts, at University of Rome “Foro Italico”.  Currently she is studying and assessing the impact of collective bargaining  agreement on working condition for football players. She has recently  completed a Master in Marketing Management specially focusing on  employer branding.

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