Organisation of Turkish Sport: The SGM, The Ministry of Youth and Sport and relevant laws

Organisation of Turkish Sport: The SGM, The Ministry of Youth and Sport and relevant laws.

Given by: Emir Güney, PhD Candidate, Director of Sports Studies Research Centre, Kadir Has University.

Room 204, 26 Russell Square Building
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Monday 28th January 2013 at 2pm

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Turkey has a two-fold sport system. On the one side, football is governed by its own fully autonomous federation which is also considered as the only professional sport in Turkey. On the other side, the rest of the sports, which are considered amateur, are governed by the SGM (Sports General Directorate) which is the administrative body of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Turkey is also a unique country when it comes to sports governance. It is the only country in the world that has separate laws established to govern sports bodies and even for only one sport, football. For example, in 2011 the Supreme Court of Turkey had to overrule an arbitration clause in the law of the establishment of the football federation in order to make the law consistent with the Turkish Constitution. In this presentation, Emir Güney explains the organisation of the sport system in Turkey, illustrates its unique features, and then presents a critique of its constitutional foundations.


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• Website of the Ministry of Youth and Sport (
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Emir is currently the director of Sports Studies Research Centre at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, Turkey. He is also a PhD candidate on Sports Management at Marmara University. His main areas of study are the organisation of sport bodies and the structure of football supporters’ organisations. The Centre has three main areas of study: Sports Law, Sports Management and Sports Media. Sports Economics, Sports Sociology, Sports History are some of the other research topics covered.

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