On the FIFA trail – investigative studies in the sociology of sport

On the FIFA trail – investigative studies in the sociology of sport

Room 101,
Foster Court, UCL
(Off Torrington Place WC1 opposite Waterstones Bookstore)

Wednesday 9th March 2005, 6pm-8pm

Given by:

Professor John Sugden & Professor Alan Tomlinson, The Chelsea School, The University of Brighton


Sociologists by discipline, Professors John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson have written extensively on the cultural aspects of the football industry. They are particularly well-known for their authoritiative and critical work on the role of FIFA as the governing body of the world game. In this regard they have carried off the difficult task of both disseminating the findings of their research through the traditional academic journal route whilst also producing popular accounts for a wider audience (see publications below).

In this lecture John and Alan will first discuss some of the methodological challenges to carrying out research in the football industry. This aspect of the lecture is obviously particularly relevant to those full-time students currently drafting their dissertation proposals. They will then cast a critical eye over the performance of FIFA as the regulatory custodian of the world game at the beginning of the 21 st century and will then present some possible future strategic scenarios for the organisation. Critically they will ask the question: what is the future role for FIFA in the light of increasing pressure from commercial business forces to re-structure the organisation of the world game?


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  • Horne, J & Manzenreiter, W. (Eds.). (2002). Japan, Korea and the 2002 World Cup . Routledge. See chapter by Tomlinson A. on England’s bid to host the World Cup.

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