New Elite Models in International Football

New Elite Models in International Football

A seminar in Room 105,
Clore Management Centre,
University of London,
Malet Street,
London WC1E 7HX

6 – 9pm, Monday 7th April 2003

Given by:

Professor Pierre LanFranchi, De MontFort University, Leicester


Professor Lanfranchi is based at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at the School of Historical and International Studies at De Monfort University in Leicester. The Centre is dedicated to the study of sports history. With some colleagues Pierre is currently engaged in writing the official history of FIFA, the global governing authority for football.

In his lecture Professor Lanfranchi will assess one of the major shifts in organisational dynamics over the last fifteen years in the football industry; the industry has emerged from an amateur cultural inheritance and sporting ethic to one where traditional commercial imperatives now dominate eg. where amateur, unpaid referees once regulated contests between professional footballers professionalisation now applies to all sectors of the game. Pierre argues that the traditional tension between professionals and amateurs is no longer valid. This was made particularly evident in the Bosman ruling where General Advocate Lenz considered unequivocally that football be treated as a normal, conventional, industry. And so a new dimension has arisen incorporating the emergence of elite groups in professional football which operate on a global level and which overcome national boundaries in terms of their influence. But a key question is how do the elites modify relationships at national level? Professor Lanfranchi will address these and other related questions.

The seminar is free.

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