Money, Politics And Violence Is There Any More Space For Passion In Italian Football?




Meeting with Cristiano Lucarelli, Livorno and Italy striker, top-scorer in Serie A in the 2004-5 season, and his agent Carlo Pallavicino

30th of April 2007 – 6pm

University College London

Lecture Theatre Cruciform LT2

Cruciform Building, Gower Street, London

Italian Football is in a process of deep transformation. The recent scandal of Calciopoli that relegated the most important club in Italy, Juventus, to first division for match-fixing and the severe intervention of the Italian Government after the riots that caused the death of a policeman in Catania, have compromised the image of Italian football. Yet, despite a scenario marked by money, politics and violence, the story of Cristiano Lucarelli is a rare demonstration of loyalty and passion. John Foot, reader in modern Italian history at UCL, is meeting him and his agent to discuss the present and the future of Italian football.

– Cristiano Lucarelli represents something of an exception to the rule in today’s football world.-  Says John Foot, reader at UCL and author of Calcio: A History of Italian Football (4th Estate) – He is a fan of and a player for the team he plays for – his home town of Livorno – and he speaks his mind: about politics, about the game, about the fans who support the team. He took a pay cut in order to play for Livorno in Serie B and helped them return to the top division where – in an extraordinary season  – he was top scorer with 24 goals. Lucarelli has strong political views – he was effectively banned from the national team after showing a Che Guevara t-shirt to the crowd while playing for the under-21s as a young player. The book written with his agent Carlo Pallavicino about his career provides a fascinating insight into the world of professional football”.

Cristiano Lucarelli commented: I am really honoured for this unexpected invitation and I thank John and his students. It would be a real pleasure to answer their questions. I have always admired the way football is played in England and it is also a good opportunity for me to visit London, a city that I love.

Carlo Pallavicino, author of “You can Keep you Billion (lire), the story of Cristiano Lucarelli, says:

I am really proud that Lucarelli is known here in England. In a moment in which Italian football is losing its identity and reputation at international level, I believe it is very important that a prestigeous London university invited Cristiano as symbol of the most passionate side of this wonderful sport.

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