How and why are the Danish FA implementing a new concept called Football Fitness?

How and why are the Danish FA implementing a new concept called Football Fitness?

Lankaster Lecture Theatre (University College London)
Medawar Building,
Malet Place (off Torrington Place),
London WC1

Wednesday 28th March 2012 at 6pm
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Given by: Laila Ottesen, Associate Professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen.


Voluntary sport organisations and associations in Denmark are under pressure to contribute to the new health-related and welfare political challenges of the Danish state. In an interdisciplinary collaboration over the last six years, researchers at the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences (IFI), University of Copenhagen, have conducted research on recreational football and have shown that this can be an effective means for health promotion. (Krustrup, Bangsbo & Dvorak 2010; Krustrup, Nielsen & Ottesen, 2010). The Danish Football Association (DBU) has chosen to apply this new knowledge of football as health promotion through a new concept “Football Fitness”, offering new segments of users football training in a more ‘fitness’ based format.  This lecture will present the sociological research behind the implementation of the Football Fitness concept.


  • Ottesen, Laila (2010) The development of social capital through soccer and running: The experience of a 16 weeks intervention programme for inactive, inexperienced women. (with R. Jeppesen and B. Krustrup). In: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. Vol.20. supplement 1, pp. 118-131.


Laila is a specialist on Danish sport, gender in sport and social capital development within sport. She is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. She has published widely in both Danish and English on a range of topics, including ‘Sports participation, gender and the welfare state’, ‘Gender relations in Scandinavian sport organizations’ and ‘The autonomy of sports: negotiating boundaries between sports governance and government policy in the Danish welfare state’. Recently, Laila has been involved in a very large, international research programme on ‘Soccer and Health’, involving more than 50 researchers from seven countries.

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