FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf

 FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf

Room 1.02 – Malet Place Engineering Building,
London WC1E 6BT

Tuesday 14th November 2006 at 6pm

Given by:

Nigel Fletcher

Manager FIFA Quality Concept Artificial Turf


In this presentation Nigel Fletcher will outline the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf, will explain both the strategy and latest developments in this important area, and will showcase the many successful case-studies from the 207 Member Associations of FIFA illustrating how football turf has made a real difference in developing football. In the words of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter: “As the game’s worldwide governing body, we have the responsibility to support any move to improve football equipment”.

FIFA has been concerned with ensuring the quality of football turf since 2001. The FIFA Quality Concept, a guarantee of premium quality and consistency, is now a respected international industry standard. With its commitment to first-rate artificial surfaces, FIFA is responding to the growing demand for playing football on football turf – chiefly in regions where the climate makes it impossible to organise football matches on good-condition natural turf all year round.

The FIFA certification and licensing programme, which was launched in February 2001, means that purchasers of football turf can rely on the FIFA-recommended endorsement when making decisions. This endorsement is a mark of outstanding quality, optimum playing comfort and regular quality checks by FIFA. Football turf enables millions of footballers around the world to indulge in their favourite sport all year round and, more importantly, to do so in the best possible conditions. No more unplayable pitches. No more abandoned matches.

In July 2004, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) decided to include football turf in the Laws of the Game. Now, matches between national teams whose associations are FIFA members, or international matches between club teams, can be officially staged on football turf that bears the FIFA-recommended endorsement. The FIFA-recommended 2 star standard will be the relevant quality standard for the use of football turf in UEFA’s top competitions as of the season 2005/2006, including the qualification rounds for the UEFA European Football Championship, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup.


Nigel Fletcher joined FIFA at the beginning of 2005. Prior to this he was founder of British Premier Soccer Schools in 1999 which later became Primary Soccer Ltd, a leading provider of soccer camps in the UK for children aged between 4-11 based on an innovative mix of fun, education and child care. He also advised the Football Association (the FA) in this area. In addition he was Marketing Director for the English Sports Association for Learning Disabilities. He has a passion for football development and passionately believes that specific football education/learning opportunities at all levels can help improve the football industry. To that end he holds the UEFA B Coaching license and uniquely holds two masters in business degrees in Football: the MBA (Football Industries) at the University of Liverpool and the MSc Sports Management & the Business of Football at Birkbeck College , University of London .


Further reading on FIFA’s policies on developing football turf can be found on the Developing Football pages of the official FIFA website

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