Club versus Country: The 2006 African Nations Cup

Club versus Country: The 2006 African Nations Cup

Room G01 – Clore Management Centre,
Birkbeck College,
Torrington Square,
London WC1 7HX

Wednesday 25th January at 6pm

Given by:

Brian Sturges, Managing Director, Soccer Investor Ltd

Soccer Investor is Britain ‘s leading provider of business information and commentary on the English, Scottish, European and World football industry. In this lecture Soccer Investor Managing Director Brian Sturges will present the preliminary findings of a study analysing the club and country level impact of players selection for the 2006 African Nations Cup organised by CAF, football’s governing body in Africa . The results are presented in the context of the club versus country debate which has intensified with the decision of the G14 group of leading European clubs to join Belgian club Chareroi in its legal action against football’s world governing body FIFA in relation to the injury of one of the club’s players while on national duty for Morocco .

The bi-annual African Nations Cup (ANC), held this year in Egypt between January 20 and 10 February, is particularly controversial. Unlike the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European nations tournament, it is held while the European season is in full swing so the impact of clubs losing their African players is greater not just in terms of the risk of injury and the possibility of burn-out, but also because of the negative impact on league performance of those clubs most badly hit during the period of the tournament and the pre-tournament training. The issue is also controversial given the accusations of African nations that club hostility to releasing talent contains an element of ‘soccer imperialism’ towards the CAF tournament and towards African players.


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