“Boca Juniors – Developing a Global Football Brand”

The Business of Sport – Seminar Series

Venue – Room 106, The Roberts Building, Torrington Place, WC1
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Thursday 10th January 2008 at 7:15pm
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“Boca Juniors – Developing a Global Football Brand”

Given by:

Orlando Salvestrini, President of Marketing, Boca Juniors football club, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Boca Juniors was born on Monday April 3rd,1905, when five young boys who lived in La Boca neighbourhood (Esteban Baglietto, Alfredo Scarpatti, Santiago Sana and brothers Juan and Teodoro Farenga) got together to found a football club. The name of the club was taken from that of the neighbourhood but the word “Juniors” was added to give it an English tone and enhance it with more prestige, in order to counteract the “difficult neighbourhood” fame La Boca had gained at that time. The club has gone to become one of the most famous in world football. Boca have won six Copa Libertadores, the South American equivalent of the European Champions League, and 22 Argentine professional championships . Boca were runners up in the 2007 World Club Championship to AC Milan. The club’s most famous ex-player is Diego Maradona, who is regularly seen at matches at the club’s famous La Bombonera (the Chocolate box) ground.

Boca Juniors, like FC Barcelona in Spain, is structured as a members’ owned club. This imposes a key commercial restriction that it is impossible for the club to raise equity finance from private investors, which thus creates a greater imperative to drive commercial revenue from other sources if the club is to remain competitive internationally. One mechanism that the club has established to drive revenue is the newly formed marketing division Boca Crece (Boca Grows). In this presentation Orlando Salvestrini will outline how Boca are developing the brand potential and revenue generating power of Boca through Boca Crece and outlines the key challenges facing the club as it seeks to maintain its status as one of the world’s globally competitive football clubs.



Orlando Salvestrini is the President of Marketing at Boca Juniors football club of Buenos Aires, one of Argentina’s, and indeed the world’s, most famous football clubs. Before he joined Boca he worked for many years in the international financial industry.

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