Birkbeck Sport Business Centre: Sport Policy in the UK and Europe: A Golden Future or Just Meddling?

The Business of Sport – Seminar Series

Room G01 – Clore Management Centre, Birkbeck College, Torrington Square, London WC1 7HX

Wednesday 12th November 2008 at 7pm
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“Sport Policy in the UK and Europe: A Golden Future or Just Meddling?”

Given by:

James MacDougall, European and International Policy Officer, Central Council of Physical Recreation


The CCPR is the national alliance of governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation in the UK. Established in 1935 as the Central Council of Recreative Physical Training, it soon became the Central Council of Physical Recreation. The CCPR exists to protect, promote and provide for its members. The membership encompasses activities from the major spectator sports, like tennis and rugby, through fencing and canoeing, right across to folkdance and keep fit. In total, 280 member organisations from right across the sport sector are members of the CCPR.

In this seminar, James will examine the structure of sport in the UK and CCPR’s role in it. Further more, with the European Union on the verge of securing additional powers in sport if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, James will cover the effect of European law on sport in Britain including the far-reaching Bosman ruling and the legality of quotas in sport.


James MacDougall is the European and International Officer at CCPR, the body which acts to promote, protect and provide for the interests of sport and recreation in the UK.

James sits on the working group which advises the European Non-Governmental Sporting Organisation (ENGSO), which is the representative body for national Olympic and national umbrella organisations of sport in Europe and is an associate member of the EU Sports Office through CCPR.

Within the UK, James sits on DCMS’s working group on Europe which creates UK’s international sport policy and is the author of “Towards a Better Future of Youth Sport”.

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