Professor Klaus Nielsen

Klaus Nielson
Klaus joined Birkbeck in 2003 having previously held a number of academic positions in his native Denmark, including a Professorship in Social Science from 1996. In 2007 he became Professor of Institutional Economics at Birkbeck. His research interests are varied and include institutional economics and other institutional approaches in the social sciences; social capital, innovation and competitiveness; socio-economic discourse and economic performance; and the economics and sociology of sport. In the field of sports, Klaus was a co-author of the White Paper that lead to the establishment of Team Denmark (the Danish Elite Sports Organization and equivalent of Sport England). He has had several tasks in relation to Team Denmark including a long-term membership of its research committee. He has been a member of several committees and written several papers on the economics and management of sports for the Danish Ministry of Culture (which is responsible for sports). He was a member of the board of the Danish Centre for Sports Studies 2005-2008, appointed by the Danish Minister for Culture. He also collaborates with Play the Game, the international sports NGO that promotes transparency and democracy in sport. During 2008, Klaus completed a research project titled ‘International Competitiveness of Danish Elite Sports’ funded by the Danish Centre for Sports Studies. He is currently working on another project on the economics of professional team sports with a Danish.

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