Mark Panton

After completing an MSc in Sport Management at Birkbeck College in 2011, Mark Panton joined the Sports Business Centre as a PhD student and he has recently submitted his thesis on the use of sport stadiums in urban regeneration projects.  In 2015 he provided submissions on this issue to the London Assembly for their Regeneration Game final report.  As a qualified solicitor Mark maintains an interest in the legal aspects of sport, including the governance of sport organisations.  His research interests also include the sociology of sport, the work of football community trusts and the influence of community groups.  His outside interests have involved work as the secretary of the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust; as research administrator for the Birkbeck TRIGGER project on gender in academia and roles with a number of not-for-profit organisations.

Listen to Mark discuss his doctoral research into the impact, both positive and negative, of the construction of sport stadia in urban regeneration (April 2016).

Mark considers the issue of sport mega events as a vehicle for regeneration  in the context of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as developments closer to home (29 November 2016).

Mark discusses the question: “Did the London 2012 Olympics boost the British economy and make us all happier?” (12 December 2016).

Read a summary of the conclusions of Mark’s doctoral research.
Mark shares his thoughts in football and research blogs at: